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    In The Fight - Updates on the what's happening.

    Thank you for your interest in the fight to save the symbols of our Christian Heritage that are being forceable removed all across America. You can check back here at KeepTheCross.com for updates on this issue. It is our policy to keep our websites and/or webpages active even after a campaign has ended.

    Los Angeles County Seal-

    This campaign is no longer active. Check here for the previous Updates on the Los Angeles County Seal.

    UPDATE (July 16, 2005): Recently our pastor passed on to me information he had received about a new petition drive to save the seal. Someone had given this information to the youth department at their car wash fundraiser, to give to the pastor, the pastor who has been very supportive of this campaign, passed it on to me. While I am disappointed that we were not contacted with the information directly I want to keep you all as informed as we possibly can.

    Mr. Hernandez, it would appear, is trying for the third time to get this issue on the ballot. For some reason the website for the previous campaign and for David Hernandez, have been discontinued, but we do have this new address from the information, it is savetheseal.net (their website has been removed).

    On this new site they state that the petitions needs to be mailed to the "Committee to Support the Los Angeles County Seal Ordinance P.O. Box 9158, North Hollywood, CA 91609" no later than "August 15, 2005," which is just around the corner.

    On their front page they tell you how many petitions have been signed so far, as of July 16,2005 when we visited it stated the following:


    Please be aware that a new petition drive means if you signed any petition before you would have to sign it again. Only the signatures on the new petition will be usable. We do not have the new petition on our website, but it is on their new website.

    We have not given up the fight either and we are looking at various actions we can take ourselves. One of those was to start our own petition drive. Another is to start or support recall campaigns for the supervisors that voted to remove the seal. We are also looking at helping to elect replacements. Any of these options is work intensive and we are looking into their viability.

    UPDATE (March 30, 2005): The time period for collecting signatures for the ourfirstamendment.org (their website has been removed) petition ended on March 1, 2005. The collected petitions were NOT submitted by the proponent of the recall. On their website, David Hernandez said , "At the end, we counted 109,000 signatures in hand. This was not enough to get the issue on the ballot."

    We at Citizens For A Better America® are grateful for all those who joined us in this attempt to get the cross issue on the ballot. We are currently evaluating what steps we can take next. We are considering many different ideas, if you want to be kept updated, signup for our free "Commentary and News Release List ™".

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